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How to Jam in D
Online Course

Cost: $108 -  Unlimited access to over 30 short instructional videos 
Level:  Intermediate-ish - Anytime - at your own pace 
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This at-your-own-pace clawhammer banjo class focuses in

the key of double D. 

8 full modules containing over 32 mini lessons covering: 

  •  Integrating scales + chords up and down the neck.  

  •  Using drop-thumb, ghost-strokes, hammer-ons, pull-offs, alternate- pull offs and double thumbs at will. 

  • Jam alongs and interviews with special guests Tatiana Hargreaves, Emily Schaad, Paula Bradley and Jane Rothfield

  • Deep dive on Fortune, Julianne Johnson, Sally Anne, Going Across the Sea (+more) 

Learn banjo specific strategies for jamming, variations, and improvisation.  Each module features a strategy taught in pre-recorded video lessons.  We will focus on 4 tunes in depth, and  expand greatly from there using rhythm, chords, tools, scales etc.   

Housed on Google Classroom with Lots of visuals, tabs, and fun to be had.  I will send you the  Google classroom link shortly after payment.  

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What folks are saying...

"You are an amazing teacher, Maggie! This class was so well-organized and fun. I have tons to work on. Thanks for getting me through the winter! "

"This was the most well prepared class I have ever taken. I really enjoyed it."

"You are one of the best music teachers I have ever had and I've been studying music since I was 10. I really want to make banjo my primary instrument and have been struggling for a long time on my own trying to figure it out. Even after one week of class I have made a major amount of progress that's inspired me to keep going. Thank you so much!"

"Great class, I’d recommend another to students n friends. Thanks"

Any Age 

ALL LEVELS Clawhammer

(Virtual lessons available)

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