How to Jam for Clawhammer BANJO
 with guest Fiddlers!
Anytime - at your own pace 
Cost: $108 for 1 year access to videos 
Level:  Intermediate-ish

This at-your-own-pace clawhammer banjo class focuses in

the key of double D. 

8 modules containing a total of:

  • 4 videos on scales up the neck 

  • 4 videos on chords up the neck

  • 4 videos on toolkits 

  • 4 tunes taught in two ways (at least) 

  •  4 recorded zoomed classes  with lectures

  •  4 guest artists

  •  + bonus tunes

Learn banjo specific strategies for jamming, variations, and improvisation.  Each module features a specific strategy taught in pre-recorded video lessons.  We will focus on 4 tunes in depth, and  expand greatly from there using rhythm, chords, tools, scales etc.   


The recorded zoom sessions feature guest musicians (Emily Schaad, Paula Bradley, Tatiana Hargreaves, Jane Rothfield)  who share their jamming wisdom and experience.  They play some tunes for you to jam to in a guided way!  

Lots of visuals, tabs, and fun to be had.  

What folks are saying...

"You are an amazing teacher, Maggie! This class was so well-organized and fun. I have tons to work on. Thanks for getting me through the winter! "

"This was the most well prepared class I have ever taken. I really enjoyed it."

"You are one of the best music teachers I have ever had and I've been studying music since I was 10. I really want to make banjo my primary instrument and have been struggling for a long time on my own trying to figure it out. Even after one week of class I have made a major amount of progress that's inspired me to keep going. Thank you so much!"

"Great class, I’d recommend another to students n friends. Thanks"