November TUNES & TOOLS in D 
When: 3 Thursdays in November 5-19, 2020  7:00pm EDT
Cost: $80
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Group ONLINE ZOOM class geared towards beginners and intermediate players. Learn 3 tunes in the key of D and 3 more advanced tools (Alternate String Pull-offs, Ghost Strokes, Galax Lick).  We will discuss how to use the tools to add expression and rhythm to any tune.  All classes will be recorded and made available to registered students, so if you have to miss a class or just want to practice over and over again, you'll have it.  There will be tab and other materials as well. 

 How to Jam for Clawhammer BANJO
 with guest Fiddlers!
When: Jan 10 - Feb 14, 2021 with live jams on Thursdays
Cost: $125 
Level:  Intermediate-ish

This INTERMEDIATEish  clawhammer banjo class will be a combo of pre-recorded video lessons, live guided jams with guest fiddlers and live Q/A sessions via zoom.  Live Sessions will meet via Zoom 5 THURSDAYS  7:00-8:00pm EST.  The cost of this 5 part series is $125. 

Learn banjo specific strategies for jamming, variations, and improvisation.  Each class will feature a specific strategy taught in pre-recorded video lessons.  We will take a simple tune each week to focus on, and  expand from there. The class will build from week to week. 


The Live sessions each week will  involve zooming in a guest fiddler who will share their jamming wisdom and experience and play some tunes for you to jam to in a guided way! I am super excited about this part.  There will be time for Q&A as well.  Turns out Zoom is a pretty  unique opportunity to play with awesome fiddlers up close and personal like without fear. 

All Jam/ Q&A sessions  will be recorded and made available to registered class members, so if you have to miss a live session for some reason, or if you just want to practice over and over again, you'll have it.  Supplemental materials will also be provided.